2015 Guest Speaker

Good Friday Breakfast

John O'Leary

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​​Good Friday Breakfast

Of Tucson

April 3, 2015 
Tucson Convention Center Grand Ballroom

​260 South Church Avenue

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Who do you remember?

At the age of 9 years old, John O’Leary was burned on 100% of his body and given less than one percent chance of surviving the first night. There were only 3 little patches on his body that received 2nd degree burns, all the other parts were 3rd degree burns. John O’Leary told his mom that he wanted to live, he did not want to die. She told him he needed to fight for all he’s worth. John and his family are very religious, they prayed with him and for him. He was very used to calling on his faith to get him through this challenge. His mother also asked all that came to visit, to pray for John. John spent 4 months in the hospital and went through “multiple surgeries, skin grafts and years of therapy”. Despite losing all 10 fingers to amputation, John pushed on with a strong will to live. 

Today’s world can seem so dark. We are too often reminded of the pain and disappointment in our everyday lives. Health, financial and relational challenges impact all who live in this imperfect, fallen world. Our faith doesn’t offer the guarantee of avoiding adversity, but instead the promise of a loving God who suffers with us in our pain, celebrates with us in our joy, and invites us into an eternal relationship with Him.
Come hear John O’Leary illustrate the incredible power of love, gratitude, forgiveness, purpose, courage and resilience. John reminds us that Jesus Christ calls us to be his living presence – to bring light to this dark world. This program will empower you to shine your light of faith for all to see!

In his emotional faith testimony, John provides critical steps on how to embrace personal scars, develop a deeper faith and impact others as Jesus Christ’s living presence. Journey alongside international speaker John O’Leary as you discover that you are the light of Christ.

John chose not only to rise above adversity, but to thrive. As a college graduate, business owner, philanthropist, husband and father, he serves as an amazing beacon of hope, positive change and bold action. John also brings his experience, wisdom and expertise to his roles as chaplain at a children’s hospital and as an ambassador for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. 

Who Should Come
Business leaders, employees, co-workers, family members
all will be inspired and thankful for having this rare opportunity to hear John O’Leary!

Take back your life. Ignite your possibility. Change your world.